People Insights, Inc. in the News

  • Semiahmoo Commerce - September 2009
    Keeping Excellent Employees
    As we come out of the recession, it is imperative that we are able to keep our excellent employees so that the organization can grow effectively by using their experience and expertise, while working as fully dedicated employees.  read more>>

  • PeopleTalk - Spring 2005
    The CHRP Code of Ethics
    In the wake of Enron, Worldcom and other scandals, human resource professionals can now use the CHRP national Code of Ethics to provide clear guidelines and requirements.  read more>>

  • Canadian HR Reporter - August 11, 2003
    HR Rat or Hero - How HR should view staff who blow the whistle - By Uyen Vu
    Years later, whistle blower and federal civil servant Joanna Gualtieri would still remember the immense comfort she found in the words of an employee assistance program coordinator.   read more>>

  • PeopleTalk - Winter 2002
    Setting the Standard - How HR Professionals can be a Corporation's Ethics Watchers
    High ethical and moral standards, corporate values, integrity and honesty are words often used by organizations in their annual reports to describe their principles.  But what do words really mean given recent business scandals?  read more>>

  • PeopleTalk - Winter 2002
    CHRP - Symbol of Value for your Organization
    When staffing accounting roles, companies look for CA's or CGA's and CMA's.  They may even be able to articulate differences.  When hiring HR people, companies in British Columbia rarely "plug" somebody who is only "good with people" but couldn't survive the line positions.  However the recognition factor is still fairly new in BC for our relatively young designation of six years.    read more>>

  • BC Business - February 1994
    Pay for Performance - Reality Cheques by Ken Reine
    In the new economy creative compensation schemes are repacking the annual raise.  Here's how some B.C. companies are starting to change the way we pay.  read more>>